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In-Depth Spiritual Reading

An in-depth reading is a tool that can be used to look very deeply at various aspects of a persons life and the situations that are causing blockages in their life path.  If you are considering having spell work done it strongly advised to do an in-depth reading first.  The reason for this is that spell work can be hindered by life blocks so if you are blocked in some way, this block will determine the effectiveness and potency of your spell work.  An in-depth reading will allow a spiritual worker to look at all aspects of what you are working with for optimum success.

We also use the in-depth reading can be used to help shed light on what is going on in your life as a whole.  If you think of readings in terms of photography the in-depth reading is the landscape photo.  The case analysis would be a magnified shot of a tree in a landscape photo.

What You Get:

  • A scheduled one hour phone call.
  • Guidance on your life path and where you should be focusing your energies.
  • Clarity on current struggles and patterns in your life.
  • Specific guidance on 1-2 of your questions of choice.
  • Answers as to how to move through obstacles that are blocking your progress.

Contact me Mambo Takasha at to schedule your appointment.

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Basic Card Reading

The basic reading is used to analyze simple issues, or a general problem.  It is a great place to start if you need guidance on choosing a dressed candle, bath, or having a lucky charm made.  It can also help reveal if any of the above will be successful in helping you to improve your chances at finding love, employment, or work.

Please choose the In-Depth Reading if you know in your heart that your situation is more complicated.

What You Will Get:

  • A scheduled 30 minute phone conversation to discuss your reading.
  • Specific guidance and support on 1-2 questions you may have about the situation at hand.

Contact me Mambo Takasha at to schedule your appointment.

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Spiritual Cleansing


Spiritual Cleansing Baths


Most spiritual traditions have some right or ritual that involves the use of water as a means to cleanse oneself from negativity, debris, and unwanted influences.  There are many kinds of spiritual cleansing baths and formulas. If you are doing spiritual work, working with alters, working for or with others in service positions you especially need to take a cleansing bath as a part of your work.  If you are undergoing spiritual work with a spiritual worker you will often be given a spiritual cleansing bath before your work begins.  A good cleansing bath need not be complicated however, it should be effective.  The effects of the bath will vary as people will have different observations of their experience.  People will often report that they feel refreshed, lighter in spirit, more peaceful, etc. after a cleansing bath.  There is nothing more enjoyable than the peace that a nice bath can bring to one’s life, it is not unheard of that one may feel like they need to rest afterwards, as clearing and cleaning in general can feel like work.  As I said there are many bath recipes.  If you want to make one yourself here is a free recipe from Papa Hector


Spiritual Cleansing Bath Recipe

Holy Water



Fresh Water

The full instructions for this bath can be found here. 

You can contact me at if you want me to make a Spiritual Cleansing bath specifically for you or if you have questions.

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Discrimination, ATR’s, and the Power of Myth!

There is something that has been weighing on my heart that I feel that I must speak about.  I was reading a post by a fellow Witch who spoke her heart about coming to accept herself and her path and how liberating it was to just embrace herself in the face of the persecutors.  It is hard to believe that in this day and age that people are still persecuting each other based on religious belief.  I mean Continue reading Discrimination, ATR’s, and the Power of Myth!

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What is Sanse?

Sanse is a practice to some and a religion to others.  It depends on who you ask.  Some people will practice Sanse alongside their own religion and some practice only Sanse.  Many Sansistas (initiates of Sanse) tend to consider themselves religiously Catholic, Christian, or Espiritismo (which again by many is considered another Practice), but they can be of any religious background. The basic belief of Sanse is that God is the beginning and the end.  The creator of all Continue reading What is Sanse?

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The Angles of Light in Sanse

In Sanse the Mysteries are divided into 7 divisions.  They are called Mysteries because as much as we would like to, it is not possible to comprehend as humans how and why they work. We accept that they are Angles of Light. Messengers of God.

The first division is known as the Black Division.  When people hear the name the Black division I think their heart probably jumps a little.  I think this is related to a Hollywood, and a media laden understanding of African based traditions.  I am going to leave it there as that his-tory is very convoluted.  Suffice it to say that we come from the Black dust of the earth and to the Black dust of the Earth we must return.  It is the womb and we are all birthed from it.  This is the Black Division.  It consists of all the Dead that you do not consider an Ancestor or do not Continue reading The Angles of Light in Sanse

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Tuning into the Sky

As we move through life it is easy to get so immersed in the drama of life that we fail to connect to the greater universe.  We forget that we are individuals living within a vast web that is made of relationships. Our relationships are not only interpersonal but environmental, international, and interplanetary.  We do not exist as islands unto ourselves. Everyday there Continue reading Tuning into the Sky

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St. John’s Wort Herb

St. John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum.  From the time of the ancient Greeks down through the middle ages it was used to dispel evil spirits, witches, and black magic.  It has been used from the time of the Common names are names are Amber Touch-and-heal, Goat weed, Klamath Weed, Rosin Rose.  The genus name Hypericum is derived from the Greek words hyper (above) and eikon (picture), in reference to the tradition of hanging plants Continue reading St. John’s Wort Herb

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John The Baptist

John the Baptist was the son of the priest Zachariah and Elizabeth, a cousin of the Virgin Mary. They were an elderly, child-less couple who had given up all hopes of ever having children of their own. One day, the archangel Gabriel announced to Zachariah that they were going to have a son, but as the latter did not believe that was possible at Elizabeth’s age he openly doubted the angel. As a punishment, he was struck dumb and got his speech back only after John had been born. John the Baptist dedicated his life to God is known for his evangelization and the baptism of Jesus on the banks of the river Jordan. Continue reading John The Baptist

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The False Husband

Today I read a post on Facebook about a couple who decided to write a book to counter in their opinion the deleterious affect fairytales like Cinderella and Rapunzel have on the minds of young women.  These stories are of young women who are trapped and helpless and feel they can’t move on without the male heroes rescue.  The women wrote a contemporary book about real life women who created and manifested their own realities. I think some of the characters in the book were about women like Freda Kahlo, Helen Keller, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, maybe Oprah.  All great names and definitely inspiring stories of the lives of women who are excellent role models for young women.  I have to agree 100% that young girls need all the knowledge they can get on how to be strong for themselves. Continue reading The False Husband