Custom Work

Baths and Washes

In addition to the ready made baths that are in the shop Mama T can custom make a bath blend that is specifically designed for you and your needs.  The bath is then blessed and charged with prayer to work for you.  These baths work best when you have received a card reading with Mama T.

Prayer Candle

If you are in need of prayer I can set a candle for you.  The candle will be dressed, blessed, and set for you and your concern.  The cost is $29 and includes the price of your candle.

Candle Work

Mama T will dress, bless, and set your candle on her alter.  Candles can be set for Employment, Love, or Luck.  Please consider a card reading based on your needs for the work that you want. This helps to cut down on wasted time and money.  If you are in need of a service please contact me.


Certified yoga instructor, herbalist, and nutritionist. Mama T is available for private coaching and group classes.


If you are in need of a service, would like further information on custom work, or would like to have work done please contact me at

Mama T reserves the right to refuse service.

None of the services are meant to replace the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.