Intuitive Readings

A reading or consultation is an ancient practice that can be found in almost every culture.  We use spiritual consultations to seek help and guidance from our higher Angelic and Spiritual Guides for problems in our life. You may think that you know the problem or cause of something that is wreaking havoc in your life.  However time and again I have discovered through a consultation that the root of the problem is rarely obvious.  A reading will help shed light on the issue.  It helps us to clearly see to the very bottom of a cause and will point us in the right direction.  It gives us a map in which to work with. 

There are various tools that can and are used depending on the person that is doing the reading.  Some of the various tools are bones, shells, mirrors, cards, palm of the hand, water, tea leaves etc.  Dreams as well as other less tangible tools are used, but in terms of physical objects the ones listed above are common. Diviners will use these in some combination or separately.  I use the playing cards and tarot cards for my readings.  

A basic reading or case analysis is advised if you want to address a simple issue regarding love, work, or employment. It is used to do custom work for good luck hands, baths, and having a candle dressed for a particular issue. Click here for basic reading.

I strongly advise an in-depth reading if you feel your problem is very complicated or if you have a long standing issue you are trying to resolve as it will provide a more wholistic picture of the matter at hand. Click here for in-depth intuitive spiritual reading.  


If you are interested in scheduling a reading please contact me Mambo Takasha.


Mama Takasha is a natural living educator. She enjoys learning, and sharing with others her love of all things herbal and earthy, nutrition, and traditional folkways. It is her hope that this site will continue to kindle the flame of passion for the traditions of our communities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Mama Takasha, MS Nutrition, Mambo, Certified Intuitive Tarot Consultant, Herbalist, & Certified Yoga Instructor 


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  1. I got the spiritual consultation from Mama Takasha along with an Aura Shine Cleansing and Clearing Bath Salts Kit . Shipping was very quick. I followed her instructions and the problem that seemed insurmountable resolved itself. All the while this was happening I received multiple unexpected monetary gifts. I am a believer and I will continue my relationship with Mama Takasha even though my initial problem has been resolved. I recommend her to everyone!

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