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John The Baptist

John the Baptist was the son of the priest Zachariah and Elizabeth, a cousin of the Virgin Mary. They were an elderly, child-less couple who had given up all hopes of ever having children of their own. One day, the archangel Gabriel announced to Zachariah that they were going to have a son, but as the latter did not believe that was possible at Elizabeth’s age he openly doubted the angel. As a punishment, he was struck dumb and got his speech back only after John had been born. John the Baptist dedicated his life to God is known for his evangelization and the baptism of Jesus on the banks of the river Jordan.  He is often depicted with angel wings, as angles are messengers of God, in reference to his role as a messenger of the coming of Christ. He is the patron saint of baptism, conversion to faith, tailors, ailments related to the head including fever.  He was viewed as a rebel and a trouble maker by king Herod. He was arrested and beheaded by the King as a favor for a dance from his niece the beautiful Salome.  His feast day is August 29th  the day in which he was beheaded.

Prayer to St. John the Baptist

O God, You raised up St. John the Baptist to prepare a perfect people for Christ.

Fill Your people with the joy of possessing His grace, and direct the minds of all the faithful in the way of peace and salvation.

Grant that as St. John was martyred for truth and justice, so we may energetically profess our Faith in You, and lead others to the Way, the Truth, and Eternal Life. Amen


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