The Earth is both our mother and our home.  We live in a time where we have grown away from an understanding of our connection to the Earth.  In the far past our ancestors celebrated their connection to the Earth with ritual and deeds and the people lived close to the Earth. In the more recent past we do not hear people talking about these rituals so much, however the age of industry was still in its infancy.  Our more recent ancestors still had a connection to the Earth and their lives reflected that closeness.

We are currently suffering a disconnection from the Earth as the age of technology flourishes. There is a general feeling overall of a need to simplify and connect to the days of old. To the ways our ancestors did things.  I believe this desire, this longing is actually a deep need to reconnect to the Earth. The need to understand the guiding and intelligent forces inherent in nature that have our best interest at heart, as we are all here on this Earth together and the need to survive is inherent in all of creation.

Madame Fortuna’s Lucky Heart Shop is an Earth based online resource that is based on the old apothecaries, botanical, and spiritual supply shops of the new world.  These old shops carried the supplies necessary for our ancestors to continue with the traditions of connecting with the plants and minerals of the Earth for health and well-being.  They allowed our Ancestors to re-assemble as best they could their dismantled lineages, rituals, and stories.

This shop is owned and operated by Mambo Takasha a.k.a Mama T. Mama T was born in Queens, New York and raised on her mother’s ancestral land in Mississippi.  Her mother taught her how to farm and to use herbs and plants for health and well-being. Since then she has traveled and lived in many places and studied healing traditions in Mexico, California, Central and South America.  Mama T is an herbalist, a card reader, a psychic medium, and a Mambo.  She is an initiate of Haitian Voudou and is currently studying and working towards initiation into the Sanse and Espiritismo tradition under Papa Hector Salva.

Our natural world is a storehouse of healing for the mind, body, and spirit. The Lucky Heart  continues like the apothecaries of old to carry the nature based supplies for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  It is a resource for anyone who is interested in remembering their connection to the Earth and cultivating a lifestyle that generates health and wellness.  We provide high quality supplies for personal and ritual use as well as services and information to bring Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity through understanding the vast beauty of natures apothecary.


Love, Hope, Faith, & Luck

Mama T