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Tuning into the Sky

As we move through life it is easy to get so immersed in the drama of life that we fail to connect to the greater universe.  We forget that we are individuals living within a vast web that is made of relationships. Our relationships are not only interpersonal but environmental, international, and interplanetary.  We do not exist as islands unto ourselves. Everyday there is more and more information available to confirm the indigenous understanding of life, which is that everything is in a state of interconnectedness from the rock on the ground, to the whale in the sea, it is all interconnected even you and me.  That is thespiritual understanding of things that we as whole are coming to understand. We are moving from our belief of separateness, duality to a place of oneness, interconnectedness.  There are many things that we can do as humans to step more into the flow of understanding this spiritual perspective on life. Yoga, Tai chi, Meditation, Compassionate Communication, etc…

My own practice has been to just become more aware of the celestial events that are happening in the sky.  Father sky, Mother Earth, we the children also mirror and have a connection to the heavenly bodies.  I am sure you have heard that during the full moon there are often higher occurrences of crime, episodes of what is called lunacy, and unexplained events.  The Earth is 75% water.  The human body is over 60% water.  Human blood is 93% water, while the brain and muscles are 75% water, bone is 22% water.  What we do know is that the greatest difference between high and low tide is around the new moon and full moon. During these Moon phases, the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun combine to pull the ocean’s water in the same direction. These tides are known as spring tides or king tides.  Planetary events like eclipses, full moons, the appearance of comets, and solstices were extremely important occurrences to our ancestors.  They planned births, marriages, planting crops, and their very existence around their connection to what was happening in the sky overhead.

This article is not an argument to turn in our wrist watches for sundials however it is an attempt to call awareness to a vast understanding of our universe and our place in it that is no longer being cultivated in a way that our children grow up knowing how they connect to the world at large.  If you are interested in connecting more with the sun, the moon, the stars there are certainly some ways that people are using to tune in in simple yet powerful ways.  One way is to just becoming aware of the moon cycles through new moon intention/manifestation and full moon release practices or rituals.  The new moon is about new beginnings and planting seeds that will grow as the moon waxes. Setting an intention at the new moon through prayer and then revisiting your intention two weeks later at the full moon is a great way to connect to the cycle of the moon to your work schedule.  At the full moon you would check in to see how things are going using the light of the full moon to bring clarity to any obstacles that are blocking your progress.  From the full moon through the waning phases of the moon being a process of releasing and clearing unwanted energies and blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your new moon intention.  At the beginning of the new moon the cycle starts again.  This practice of course is incredibly powerful for women as it also corresponds to a woman’s moon cycle and naturally brings attention to ways in which a woman can become more tuned to the moon within.  But it works just a well for men as a manifestation tool as well and as a potential way for a man to have a better understanding of ebbs and tides of life in general and if there is a woman in his life a better understanding of her moon cycle as well.  Here is a prayer to use to set the tone for a new moon ritual.

I look into the dark of this new moon with an intention of seeing what I might focus on that wants to manifest in my life.

I am open to the new I also open to healing and clearing the past of anything that hinders my new growth.

I commit to this path of growth until I reach my full potential.

I am confident I will succeed.

I am one with the moon, so I trust, as above, so below.


If you read the tarot here is a spread that you might consider using in your process:

Shuffle and Choose five cards:

  • What area of my life needs the most attention right now? (If you already know you can choose the card that best speaks to this area for you beforehand and lay it out)
  • What is my next step? Use this card to help you formulate a blueprint or a concise plan as to how you will proceed with the work ahead.
  • What obstacles might I meet along the way.
  • What are my resources? Where can I look for help?
  • Outcome? How will this work benefit me? What will be the result of my efforts?




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