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Spiritual Cleansing


Spiritual Cleansing Baths


Most spiritual traditions have some right or ritual that involves the use of water as a means to cleanse oneself from negativity, debris, and unwanted influences.  There are many kinds of spiritual cleansing baths and formulas. If you are doing spiritual work, working with alters, working for or with others in service positions you especially need to take a cleansing bath as a part of your work.  If you are undergoing spiritual work with a spiritual worker you will often be given a spiritual cleansing bath before your work begins.  A good cleansing bath need not be complicated however, it should be effective.  The effects of the bath will vary as people will have different observations of their experience.  People will often report that they feel refreshed, lighter in spirit, more peaceful, etc. after a cleansing bath.  There is nothing more enjoyable than the peace that a nice bath can bring to one’s life, it is not unheard of that one may feel like they need to rest afterwards, as clearing and cleaning in general can feel like work.  As I said there are many bath recipes.  If you want to make one yourself here is a free recipe from Papa Hector


Spiritual Cleansing Bath Recipe

Holy Water



Fresh Water

The full instructions for this bath can be found here. 

You can contact me at if you want me to make a Spiritual Cleansing bath specifically for you or if you have questions.

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