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The Angles of Light in Sanse

In Sanse the Mysteries are divided into 7 divisions.  They are called Mysteries because as much as we would like to, it is not possible to comprehend as humans how and why they work. We accept that they are Angles of Light. Messengers of God.

The first division is known as the Black Division.  When people hear the name the Black division I think their heart probably jumps a little.  I think this is related to a Hollywood, and a media laden understanding of African based traditions.  I am going to leave it there as that his-tory is very convoluted.  Suffice it to say that we come from the Black dust of the earth and to the Black dust of the Earth we must return.  It is the womb and we are all birthed from it.  This is the Black Division.  It consists of all the Dead that you do not consider an Ancestor or do not have a blood connection to.   There are also groups of the dead such as gypsies, shamans, indians who are e considered of the dead as they have passed on yet they are not apart of the main group of the Black Division nor are they necessarily blood relatives.  The Black Division is headed by Baron and La Baronessa his wife.  They rule the cemetery and are the first male and female who are buried therein.   Other members of the Black Division are the Ghede. The Ghede are a very raucous bunch. They love to have fun and cause mischief.  They work for Baron headed up by Papa Ghede.  There is also Baron Samdei.  He is very poplular.  You may recognize him from his Black Top Hat and suit with tails.  They like gin, cigars, and black coffee.  They are pretty laid back and known as the life of the party.  They remind us to lighten the heck up you aren’t dead yet are you!


The Legba Division is concerned with opening gates and doorways and is very similar to Mercury and Hermes in Greek Mythology.  This division is known to be travelers and wanderers.  It is led by Papa Legba Granmesye.  He is seen as an old man, and usually wears clothes made out of potato sack material. He loves his straw hat, walks with a cane and smokes a cigar.  He speaks in a very low voice.  He likes hot chocolate, coffee with cream and sugar, cola, bread roles, rum, red wine, and bread, rice, corn, keys to open doors, and a macuto to keep his things in and, sometimes, a cross.




The Fire Division deals with ones drives, passions, self-esteem, self beliefs, moving forward, progression and finances.  It is led by Papa Candelo Cedife and his wife Candelina Cedife.  His colors are red, white and gold.  Papa Candelo is very strict. He goes from alter to alter to make sure the worker is not abusing his/her power to manipulate others.  He has the ability to close up the head or ones mediumistic abilities if they are abusing their power.  When he come he speaks in a low deep voice and smokes cigars.  He is known for removing strong crossed work. He gives excellent protection, especially to children.  He will light his hands on fire with Florida Water and pass them over people to cleanse them or to confer his protection.  When working with Papa Candelo you must follow the rules of the tradition. He likes red soda, white and yellow rum, plantains.   His wife Candelina is a very serious.  Her colors are pink, orange, and red.  She can also be petitioned for luck for the coming year.  She is invoked to remove negative spirits and entities.  To increase business luck and to protect your home from fire.  She loves Dragon’s Blood insence and Red Roses.  She smokes cigars and cigarettes depending on her mood.  She takes annesette in a stem glass when she comes.  Other members of the fire Division include Candelito, Papa Chango, Ezili Chango, and Ogou.


The Metressa Division is the embodiment of the female mysteries.  Some of these mysteries will also walk or work in more than one division. For example Metressa Candelina walks in the Metressa Division as well as the fire division.  The female mysteries are concerned with Love, Joy, Happiness, and the Emotions.  This division relates to how you deal with your emotions as well as the emotions of others.  The leader of this division is Metress Ezili. She is associated with the Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrow).  In her lithograph she has a sword in her heart.  It is said that she was stabbed in the heart by Metress Ezili Danto in a fight over Papa Ogou.  When she comes in possession she is often in tears. She loves men especially.  She will link her pinky fingers with them often shunning the women.  She loves luxury and the uppercrust things in life.  She is the embodiment of luxury and ideal perfection.   Metress Ezili’s colors are pink, cream, and white.  She is served sweet cakes, puddings, pies, water and perfume.  Dec. 15 is her feast day.  She likes things very pure and clean.  She hates cigarette smoke so if she is called she will be called first before any smoke comes in. We perfume our hands for her with pompeia.  As a medium you would clean yourself three days prior to her arrival. Abstaining from sin, sex, smoking, and alcohol.  When she comes a white sheet is placed underneath her medium’s feet so that she doesn’t touch the ground.  Metress Ezili teaches us that things can never really be perfect because the world is full of suffering.  Some of the other Myterios in this division are Ezili Alaila, Anaisa, La Sirena, and Ezili Danto.


The Justice Division is all about justice and the things associated with it ie. the law, legal areas, court cases, mediation, disagreements, the wrongfully accused.  It is also associated with balance and those things that often weigh out of balance in our lives.  This division is headed up by Belie Belcane. He is represented by the image of St. Michael the Archangel.  He is given scales, a sword, chain, and scales.  He is given scales because as the leader of this division he is in charge of bringing things back into balance when an injustice has occurred.  He is a warrior and protector as represented by the sacred sword.  He defends against and defeats the Devil (the forces of dark that avoid the light and seek to keep us from moving forward).  He is known to remove and annihilate evil.  Known for sending all evil back to where it came from.  The chain represents his ability to stop or tie up evil.  When he manifests he is limping from a battle wound that he got when he fell on his own sword.  We can learn from this as it is a lesson about the dangers of power.  When he comes he is given a cape, a sash, and a foulah.  He is seen to be short in stature and brash in speech. He is very understanding to the human condition and is not very strict.  He is known for being very shy around women and very chivalrous.  He is protective of all his devotees.  His feast day is 29. He is served goat stew made with yams and potatoes in stew.  He also likes goat head stew.  BBQ or grilled goat.  Plates of sesame seeds in honey, cigars, red wine, and rum.



The original inhabitants of the Caribbean islands were the Taino Indians.  The advent of Colonialism and the slave trade, disease, and famine wiped out these native tribes fairly early on.  The native Indians and the African Slaves learned to communicate with each other helping one another when the could.  Familial bonds formed and religious practices mixed among them.  This mixing, learning, and working together can be seen throughout North, Central, and South America wherever there were indigenous populations and African Slaves.  The Sweetwater Division was the result and is the remains of the relationship between the displaced African people and the Native island population.  The Sweetwater Division is connected to rivers, streams, lakes and fresh water sources.  This division deals with emotional, physical, and mental healing.  Spiritual cleansing, mental clarity, success, love, and prosperity.  Working with this division can be challenging because this group is very shy.  They are represented by the color green.  They are served with fish, fresh fruit, fresh flowers, honey, coconuts, and water.  They love incense, roasted corn, and tobacco. Members of this group are Tin Djo Alagne, The Peace Indian, and Ana Caona.  Also in this group are the 21 Indian Powers who represent the Indians who did not accept Catholicism.


The Soley Division is the division of the Sun.  It represents our connection to the divine.  It also represents spiritual light, which brings about spiritual growth, development and evolution.  The leader of this division is Gran Soley and is depicted by the Holy Head of Christ or the Christ of Agony.  Serving this group helps us to overcome obstacles and to reach greater heights.  Serve them with the colors, orange, yellow, and white.  They also like glasses of water, and fresh flowers.  Call on this group to remove negative entities and situations, to cleanse and clear bad spirits, and for protection and success.

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