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What is Sanse?

Sanse is a practice to some and a religion to others.  It depends on who you ask.  Some people will practice Sanse alongside their own religion and some practice only Sanse.  Many Sansistas (initiates of Sanse) tend to consider themselves religiously Catholic, Christian, or Espiritismo (which again by many is considered another Practice), but they can be of any religious background. The basic belief of Sanse is that God is the beginning and the end.  The creator of all that is.  There are spirits, man being just one of the many. The difference is that man has a material form.  All spirits have begun on the same level and are working on themselves/evolving.  Trials are the opportunities that spirits are presented with to elevate themselves.  Man, can communicate with spirits as man is but a spirit in material form.  Good and evil exist in the physical world as it does in the spiritual world.  Good spirits affect us in a good way and negative spirits affect us in a negative way.  There are a host of Good and positive spirits in God’s army that are available to help us with our trials. That help us with our evolution.  There are many spiritual gifts and it is important to develop them.  Everyone is born with a Cuadro Espiritual (A Spiritual Frame or Court).  Through developing the Spiritual Frame one can assist oneself and others in life to resolve many different problems.

Sanse is an amalgamation of the religious beliefs and cultures of the people of Puerto Rico.  It is said that it began with a Papa Boko of Las 21 Divisiones (Dominican Vodou) who moved to Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is very close to the Dominican Republic.  After living in Puerto Rico for some time he began to communicate with the native spirits of the island and was led by his Mysteries to study Espiritismo  the practice of the Puerto Rican people, with a local Espiritista.  This collaboration led to the birth of Sanse which is a blend of 21 Divisions and Espiritismo.  For this reason Sanse is also known as also known as 21 Divisions, Puerto Rican Vodou, Dominican Vodou, Zanse, Brujeria, or Espiritismo.

Sanse reflects the Puerto Rican people and the culture of the island.  The culture being a mix of native Taino Indian, African, Gypsy, Irish, Pirate, and Chinese.  If we look at the history of this little island we see the mixing and influence of these peoples.  Out of this mix grew a beautiful never before seen fountain from which people from all nations could drink.   The beauty of Sanse is that it created a tradition that accepts all people.  It accepts everyone.  Everyone is welcome.  Houngan Hector quoting his aunt who initiated him “Sanse is the practice of the whole world. It is for everyone. It truly accepts anyone and everyone. Everyone has Spirits, and Sanse acknowledges and respects not some, BUT ALL a person’s Spirits and their Cuadro . . . Esto es una luz tan linda (this is such a beautiful spiritual light (for the world).  This is a very beautiful path to achieve Spiritual Balance, Peace, Harmony and True Spiritual Enlightenment, Power, and Success for you and your household. And as my Tia (aunt) said, this path is open to anyone and everyone.   If you are the kind of person that dreams of all kinds of Spirits? Buddhist spirits, Orichas, Nkisis, Lwas, Dead Spirits, Egyptian Spirits, Indian Spirits, etc. If all of these spirits are coming to you then Sanse is more than likely your home!


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